Orphan, Widow and Destitute Support Programs

IREC improves the lives of widows, orphans and the destitute in a variety of ways. We provide food and accommodations in hostels or orphanages.Most importantly, IREC will arrange for their education. For orphans residing within refugee camps, IREC providesthe necessary food, clothing and shelter.

Orphan girls are often challenged with the desire to marry without the resources to solemnize a marriage. Living conditions rarely provide opportunities to finance these marriages, particularly when earnings or subsistence provide only enough for necessities. IREC is able to assist with the basic expenses required for these marriages.

Widows, orphans and the destitute are the responsibility of the community in which they reside. Whether their needs are for food, shelter or medical services, IREC will respond as necessary.

For example, we are able to provide monthly pensions toolder widows to helpthem with their basic living expenses. In addition, widows also receive medical support if applicable and needed.

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