Emergency Relief

The indigent rural and city populations often have little or no resources in the event of severe weather. In addition to torrential rains and snowstorms, citizens of India are often required to face droughts, flash floods, cyclones, avalanches and landslides. India may also experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. In these situations, IREC will respond with those services and materials that are necessary for survival.

On numerous occasions, IREC has identified urgent needs brought on by natural disasters. In these cases, IREC has furnished the food, shelter, medical services and supplies and organizational skills that have made the difference to countless Indian citizens. In many cases, we have also furnished the financial support that has been critically important to resuming a normal lifestyle.

Through additional education, future disasters can be more effectively addressed. Educated Indian children and adults will gain the competence and independence to prepare for emergencies and live through them.

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